We offer a wide range of back supports for office chairs that provide comfortable seating for staff, while helping to maintain a correct sitting posture and keep productivity levels up by avoiding aches and pains. Modern ergonomic office chairs with back support are created to improve spine assistance and guarantee proficient healthy posture in any sitting down or office scenario. Seat Cushion: While you might not think of a seat cushion as providing back support, the right seat cushion can help prevent back pain after a long session sitting in an office chair. This back support for office chair is designed to deliver contoured, comfortable support for your back Featuring custom molded foam is to reduce fatigue on your back so you sit back and relax.

Or so I thought, until I started tooling around on the internet and discovered the Easy Posture Lumbar Back Support Mesh The device borrows its strategy from the wildly popular (but unpleasantly stern-looking) Herman Miller Aeron chair , the office status symbol that says, Someone cares enough to spend a grand on my spine.” Much like the Aeron, the Easy Posture sports a bouncy nylon mesh stretched over a light wire frame, and, as opposed to a shapeless pillow, it comfortably curves into the lower back near the base of the spine. Comfort: You'll have a better chance of maintaining proper back support if your seat cushions are comfortable, because you won't be trying to adjust your position constantly, potentially slouching because you're uncomfortable. Specifications of .

Not only is it efficient and impressive as an office chair, but the many ergonomic features that are included in its design will offer good back support and minimize back pain. The Easy Posture is the perfect lumbar back support for office chair or car especially if you sit for long hours; helps to CORRECT your posture for lower back; helps RELIEVE back discomfort. Ready to offer your sitting posture the attention and support it truly requires for your best day at work, the back support desk chair will actively support even your most strenuous efforts.

Lumbar Cushion Back Support Travel Pillow Memory Foam Car Seat Home Office Chair. SIT LONGER WITH LESS PAIN - This ergonomic memory foam lumbar pillow is made of premium grade memory foam and designed for orthopedic use, meaning you get optimal back support that molds to your back,... The Easy Posture lumbar back support for office chairs helps relieve back discomfort and corrects posture for long-term benefits.

The back support cushion's medium firmness easily supports office chair back support the spinal curve and makes sitting more comfortable, whether it is in front of your computer, watching television or driving for a long stretch of time. If you suffer from back pain and have to sit for long hours, the Easy Posture Back Support gives you perfect lumbar back support whether you use it on an office chair or in your vehicle. Read on to find out about the top 10 back support cushions for back and lumbar support that are giving the high-end ergonomic chairs a run for their money!

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